This 2½-day intensive workshop is about mastering advanced studio lighting concepts combined with the approach of creating a work of art (as opposed to simply capturing an image.) The workshop spends as much time on the philosophy of creating the story in an image as it does on the technology and techniques, and is a wonderful opportunity for anyone looking for both inspiration and knowledge.

LightAt the heart of this workshop is the art of lighting. Steve is a master of studio lighting and his method to creating perfectly balanced scenes is unique. His very focused approach to lighting results in having a final image instantly, in camera, without a need for any post-production. During the workshop Steve will construct various lighting setups. He will discuss his philosophy and demonstrate in detail his method to create a perfect visual story.

LanguageIt is easy to take a photograph of a beautiful thing, what is difficult is creating a beautiful photograph”. This is a mantra that Steve has developed and uses as a foundation for all his work. Steve relies heavily on anonymity and body language to tell stories with his incredibly powerful world-class images. In this workshop, he will share his crafted approach of working with models to create powerful images within a very simple framework. Most photographers spend a lot of time learning how to take pictures of beautiful things; in this workshop, you will move beyond documenting beauty. You will create beauty.

Line – The final element of an elegant image (after lighting and body language) is body line. Steve’s work is strongly influenced by ballet and dance in general, hence he believes that a perfect line is crucial to creating a strong story. Learning how to see body line is extremely challenging; directing models to produce it, is even harder. Throughout the weekend Steve will show you how to recognize elements of perfect line and share tips on how to achieve it with any subject.

One of Steve’s core beliefs when it comes to creating an image is “it is far better to say so much with so little than to say so little with so much.”  This workshop centers on the use of the nude body as a subject in order to emphasize the techniques of creating powerful images with minimal information.  Once you have been introduced to these foundations it is easy to transfer what you have learned to create unique and powerful images in any other genre of photography.